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Magnus - Mid-century modern, modular shelving and cabinet system

Basic Units (height x width) & Add-ons6 ft x 2 ft - two vertical slats + 5 shelves

Exquisite Mid Century Modern, modular, wall mounted, shelving system. Made from solid Cherry wood, it’s perfect for any space in your home - living room, kitchen, dining room, bedroom, bathroom, den, office, nursery/kids room, entryway, closets, etc. - it will completely transform any room or space in your home into a stunning & functional work of art!

Pulling inspiration from the iconic Danish & Scandinavian mid century teak Cado wall units - we designed this system from the ground up to breathe new life into this classic aesthetic perfected by Poul Cadovius, Frederik Kayser, and other titans of this design space.

This system can be nearly infinitely scaled - whether you need a bookshelf to fill a single 2ft wide wall space, or you want to build a library of shelves on the wall in your cavernous office space with 25 ft tall cathedral ceilings, this shelving system can make your wildest dreams come true!  

Start with one of the basic units with standard shelves (24in wide, 7in deep) and select some add-ons; or build your own custom shelving unit piece by piece- the choice is yours!

We currently offer 2 heights for the base units - 6 ft tall & 8 ft tall. First, select the height you need (6ft or 8 ft). Then select the desired width - we currently offer widths in increments of 2 feet (24").

The base model for each height - 6ft tall or 8 ft tall comes with vertical wall slats and either 5 shelves (for the 6ft tall unit) or 7 shelves (for the 8ft tall unit) for each increment of 2 feet in width. 

Need additional height (over 8ft) and/or have a super wide wall that needs more than 10ft of shelving? Maybe you have a wall space with a lot of awkward obstacles, breaks (windows, doors, etc), or existing permanent items that need to be worked around? We offer the vertical wall slats in 2ft (24") tall sections, so building additional height is as simple as ordering additional 2ft vertical sections - super easy!

Need even more customization? Send us a message! We can work with you on a customized unit for just about any space- or help you design the perfect shelving for your needs!

Details & Dimensions:

  • The vertical wall slats (the anchor for the whole system that attaches everything to the wall) come in 2ft vertical sections: top, middle, and bottom - that fit together seamlessly, and allow for vertical scalability.

    For example:
    • Our 6ft tall by 2ft wide basic build comes with 2 vertical wall slats (one for each side) and each slat is comprised of THREE sections: 1 top piece, 1 bottom piece, and 1 middle piece - each vertical slat section/piece is approx 2ft tall, for a total of 6ft tall overall.

    • Our 8ft tall by 2ft wide basic build comes with 2 vertical wall slats, with each slat being comprised of FOUR two-foot sections: 1 top, 2 middle, and 1 bottom piece for a total of 8 ft.

  • Each vertical wall slat has 3/16" (5mm) diameter holes pre-drilled in the sides every 1.25 inches for hanging/positioning the shelves.

  • The face of each 2ft vertical piece of the wall slats also have 3 pre-drilled anchor points to accommodate the (included) wall anchor screws.

  • Note: the included wall anchor screws are meant to be installed by anchoring into a wall stud. They are not appropriate for use if installing into only drywall, and will require heavy duty drywall anchors be placed at all of the anchor points before the included anchor screws can be installed.

  • Each shelf comes with two 3/16" (5mm) curved brass hangers, and two 1" brass pegs (3/16" / 5mm diameter).

  • The curved brass hangers are threaded on one end, and have a hook on the other end.
    • The threaded end threads into the shelf via threaded inserts embedded in the shelf.
    • The hooked end then plugs into into the vertical wall slats, in one of the pre-drilled holes (spaced every 1.25in)

IMPORTANT: The vertical wall slats need to be properly anchored to the wall to accommodate the weight of the shelves and the weight of any items that are placed on the shelves.

We recommend installing the vertical slats by anchoring them directly into wall studs for maximum stability and weight capacity.


Vertical slat pieces

  • Each section/piece of the vertical slats are approximately 24 inches tall by 1.75 inches wide (24" x 1.75")
  • Each vertical slat has pre-drilled holes in each side every 1.25 inches
  • The face of each section of the vertical slats has 3 pre-drilled holes- for anchoring to the wall using the included screws

Shelves (standard)

  • 24 inches wide by 7 inches deep (24" x 7")
  • Shelves are approximately 3/4 inch thick (0.75")

Shelves (deep)

  • 24 inches wide by 10.75 inches deep (24" x 7")
  • Shelves are approximately 3/4 inch thick (0.75")

Vinyl Cubby (Coming Soon)

  • 24 inches wide, 14.5 Inches deep, 14.5 inches tall (24" x 14.5" x 14.5")

Credenza - Narrow (Coming Soon)

  • 24 inches wide, 16.5 inches deep, 18 inches tall (24" x 16.5" x 18"

Credenza - Wide (Coming Soon)

  • 48 inches wide, 16.5 inches deep, 18 inches tall

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Magnus - Mid-century modern, modular shelving and cabinet system


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